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We are excited to announce the release of STRIFE’S first album in 10 years. Titled Witness A Rebirth, the album drop November 9, thanks to a licensing deal with 6131 Records.

Some bands leave such an impression on fans that, even after two decades, their sound still resonates deep and wide. Southern California’s STRIFE are just such a band, having once again tapped into the energy that has kept listeners interested for 21 years.

After touring throughout the world in recent years, STRIFE decided it was time to unleash a new batch of songs and break their 11 years streak of recording silence. The groundwork for what would become their newest album, Witness A Rebirth, had been laid and their collective efforts began down the road to realization. With producer Nick Jett (Terror, Rotting Out, Backtrack) at the helm, STRIFE recruited friend and previous collaborator Iggor Cavalera (founding member of Sepultura) to perform drums for the album and traveled to Brazil to start the recording process with him. Soon after, they returned to California and put the rest of the pieces into place, including guest vocals by Billy Graziadei (of Biohazard) and Scott Vogel (of Terror), plus a guitar solo by Marc Rizzo (of Soulfly). The result serves as a testament to their talent, bridging their past (especially the highly acclaimed album “In This Defiance,” with which this album shares 4/5 of the members) with a more contemporary hardcore sound. Witness A Rebirth is at once both refreshing and evocative.

We  jumped at the chance to license such a historical record by one of the most influential hardcore bands. Available on CD/LP, Witness A Rebirth is due out November 9. We are about to witness the rebirth of something great.

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After announcing that Mitch Love (vocalist) was leaving the band due to family commitments, we thought it was the end for Qld’s 5 piece mosh metal band Deceiver. but after a short hiatus the boys have regrouped and have started jamming again with some new songs on the way and also new line up.. With Mitch and Dane original vocalist and Guitarist they have scouted new members from all over Qld and byron bay hardcore scene to re light the mosh candle back into Deceiver. The boys are all ready with shows booked, keep your eyes opened

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Queensland’s brutal mosh quintet back on the scene after a line up change and have just announced two up coming shows in September.  Byron Bay YAC on the 8th of September with Crowned Kings, Dead Hand, Mark My Words and Juggernaut. And Eaglby Community Hall on the 14th of September with Confession, Endworld, D at Sea and Never Lose Sight. Both are will be All Ages.


more information head to the bands facebook site..


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So we are completely underway with our annual end of year Takedown festival show. As of today, all bands are booked and confirmed, we have venue and everything locked in. The line up this year is a bit of the old with a bit of the new and a curve ball or two. Stay turned for more updates as they come and full line up announcement shortly..