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Every once in a while you hear a band who know exactly what they want to sound like and conduct themselves with such professionalism and strength of purpose that you can’t help but sit up, pay attention and listen. With Deceiver, this is precisely the case.

Formed from ex-members of The War, Strength Through Purity, Sink Or Swim, Crime Scene and Before The Throne, the essentially Queensland-based band released a demo at the beginning of 2011, which saw them gain attention from all quarters of the Australian hardcore scene. Couple this with an appearance on the line up for 2011’s Takedown Festival, and you have a band that is truly at the start of something big.

Their self-titled debut, out now through Dogfight Records, is ten tracks of heavy hardcore that combines breakdowns that will have moshpits moving with fast, melodic guitar melodies that will infect anyone that listens with their catchiness. Add to this guest vocals from Vincent Bennet (The Acacia Strain) and Bruce Lepaige (ex-100 Demons) and the result is a record that will aurally assault its listeners.

FOR FANS OF: Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside, Emmure.

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