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Angel Du$t – Australian Tour 2016

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Hailing from the city of Baltimore, these guys don’t fuck around when it comes to making rock music. You like the Lemonheads and the Bad Brains at the same time? Of course you do. This is kind of like that, but less heroin involved. ‘Rock The Fuck On Forever’ isn’t just the name of their new LP, it’s a fucking command. ‘Rock The Fuck On Forever, is a short burst of an album that packs a ton of melodic power into its 13 short tracks. It’s a supercharged album, one that never lets up even when its harmonies are soaring.

After extensive touring across America and Europe with a Japan tour just announced the time has come for Australia to get its first taste of Angel Du$t when they hit our shores end of September.
Joining them are Sydney’s Primitive Blast, comprised of members from bands such as Relentless and Mood Swing you know this band would pack a punch before you have even heard them and they never cease to deliver. With a brand new 7” coming out Primitive Blast are a band to watch out for over the coming months.

26/9– Phoenix Arts Theatre – Brisbane AA
27/9 – Crowbar – Brisbane 18+
28/9 – Rad Bar – Wollongong 18+
29/9 – Drone – Newcastle AA
30/9 – Baldfaced Stag – Sydney 18+
1/10 – Phoenix Youth Centre – Melbourne AA
2/10 – Enigma Bar – Adelaide 18+
3/10 – Bendigo Hotel – Melbourne 18+

Tickets on sale Friday 5/09/16 through OzTix

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